4 Tips for Growing Your Email List

4 Tips for Growing Your Email List

Mere moments after email went mainstream — back in the late ’80s or so — the drumbeat of its demise began. It was the fad of the moment — like rock ‘n’ roll or blue jeans.

But email hasn’t died, and it won’t — because it works. No matter how many cooler or sexier communication platforms hit the cyber sphere, many will be fads that will fade.

Is it old-fashioned? Maybe, but it’s also one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing methods around for developing and maintaining brand-to-customer relationships. Consider this, from the DMA’s “National client email report 2013“:

  • Fifty-four percent of organizations generate 20 percent or more of overall revenue through email marketing. For 21 percent of respondents, email marketing accounts for 60 percent or more of all digital business revenue.
  • Email marketers estimate 30 percent of email revenue derives from targeting to specific segments; activity and lifecycle-based triggers produced 22 percent of total email marketing revenue.
  • The median return on investment for customer emails is $28.50 for every $1 invested. (Compare this to search’s return of $19.71, online display’s return of $22.38, and mobile’s return of $11.37.)

And from a small sampling of other 2013 studies:

  • eConsultancy: 74 percent of email marketers report having an “excellent” or ” good” ROI.
  • MarketingSherpa: 60 percent of marketers agree email marketing is producing ROI for their organization, and 32 percent believe it will eventually produce ROI.
  • Monetate: Email has a higher conversion rate than search and social combined, with email at 4.16 percent, search at 2.64 percent, and social at 0.48 percent.

Read more at http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/35456.asp#6fXUrpHR067jc0Q2.99


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