3 Social Media Trends You Should Know About

It’s the beginning of a new year, and chances are you’re resolving to do several (hundred?) things for the first time, differently, or better. But before you start listing out your new and improved social media plans for 2014, I’ve scoured the Internet to give you a head start.

To find out what the experts are saying will be big in social media this year, read on. Their predictions will help you nail those resolutions — and maybe even keep a few of them.




Mandela’s Final Moments Spent with Winnie and Graca

We mourn the loss of our beloved Madiba.

Nelson Mandela with his wife Graça Machel in 1998. (AFP)

Nelson Mandela’s final moments were spent off a life support machine with his wife, Graça Machel, and his former wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela at his bedside, witnesses have said.

The former president died at his home in Houghton, Johannesburg, at 8.50pm on Thursday, sending millions into mourning in South Africa and around the world.


7 Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2014 – By Mike Saunders

Digital marketing image

2014 should be a very interesting year in digital marketing. Businesses are beginning to show more mature digital mindsets which are driving their agencies towards innovation, new media platforms are changing the landscape and the past few years of experimentation should lean toward major advancements and changes in effective digital communication. In my research I have found the following trends that should become evident in 2014.



4 Tips for Growing Your Email List

Mere moments after email went mainstream — back in the late ’80s or so — the drumbeat of its demise began. It was the fad of the moment — like rock ‘n’ roll or blue jeans.

But email hasn’t died, and it won’t — because it works. No matter how many cooler or sexier communication platforms hit the cyber sphere, many will be fads that will fade.

Is it old-fashioned? Maybe, but it’s also one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing methods around for developing and maintaining brand-to-customer relationships. Consider this, from the DMA’s “National client email report 2013“:

  • Fifty-four percent of organizations generate 20 percent or more of overall revenue through email marketing. For 21 percent of respondents, email marketing accounts for 60 percent or more of all digital business revenue.
  • Email marketers estimate 30 percent of email revenue derives from targeting to specific segments; activity and lifecycle-based triggers produced 22 percent of total email marketing revenue.
  • The median return on investment for customer emails is $28.50 for every $1 invested. (Compare this to search’s return of $19.71, online display’s return of $22.38, and mobile’s return of $11.37.)

And from a small sampling of other 2013 studies:

  • eConsultancy: 74 percent of email marketers report having an “excellent” or ” good” ROI.
  • MarketingSherpa: 60 percent of marketers agree email marketing is producing ROI for their organization, and 32 percent believe it will eventually produce ROI.
  • Monetate: Email has a higher conversion rate than search and social combined, with email at 4.16 percent, search at 2.64 percent, and social at 0.48 percent.



The 10 Most Innovative Marketing Emails of 2013

Well it’s November, and we’re heading into the biggest weeks of the year for email marketing. Inboxes will be bursting with emails seeking to stand out from the crowd and get us to buy, buy, and buy more. It’s also the time to look back over the year that will soon come to an end. And it’s time to name the best of the best in email marketing.

The 10 most innovative marketing emails of 2013

This wasn’t a contest you could enter. You had to get noticed and/or shared to be included. There are no prizes other than bragging rights. The categories reflect the types of emails that are most strategic in nature and, when done right, can have the biggest impact on a marketer’s business. But at the end of the day this list merely reflects my view and that of my company, The Relevancy Group. I’ve included the email service providers used by each of the winners, because on some level either their services and/or their platforms helped these emails get into our inboxes, get noticed, and ultimately, get on this list. Here are the best examples of email marketing this year.